How to hang vinyl records on a wall, or stand album covers on a tabletop

One Record Prop Provides two methods to display vinyl records.



The tabletop display option is easy like Sunday morning.

STEP 1: Take apart your Record Prop and place the Large X face up on a flat surface with the flat side down and the groove facing upward.

STEP 2: Grab an album and place it inside the groove.

STEP 3:  ...Done! Sit back and enjoy.

wall mount

The wall mount display option takes under 10 minutes to install with just one screw (hardware included).

STEP 1: Find the perfect place on the wall. Drill a small hole (11/64” or 4.366mm) and insert the included drywall anchor into the wall if needed (start smaller if unsure). Line up the Small X Mount over the hole.


STEP 2: Prepare your screw with the washer on…


STEP 3: Place the Large X over the Small X Mount, then insert the Pin Lock through the keyhole and twist.

STEP 4: Grab an album, slide the cover down against the wall, then carefully mount the vinyl record on the Pin Lock.


For tighter fits, turn clockwise as you push the center label toward the wall.


STEP 5:  ...Done! Sit back and enjoy.


Grab your vinyl record at the edges and turn clockwise as you gently pull outward, toward yourself until it "pops" off.


Switch the Large X to change between single album sleeves and thicker double LPs or gatefolds. Unlock the center pin, then rotate 180 degrees and reattach. 


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Troubleshooting: Have questions with your install?

Or Send us a note anytime. We're here to help.