How to hang vinyl records on a wall with Record Props

And keep on spinning

Our vinyl record wall mount display takes under 10 minutes to install with just one screw. And the hardware is included – boom! Read on below for tips and instructions on how to get setup and start hanging records on the wall.

Getting started: Find the perfect place on the wall. Drill a small hole (11/64” or 4.366mm) and insert the drywall anchor into the wall if needed.

Prepare your screw with the washer on and line up the Small X Mount on the wall. Now is a great time to use a level to ensure your wall mount is perfectly level.

Once the Small X Mount is attached to the wall, you’re ready to display. Take the Large X and notice that there are two sides. You’ll want to make sure to face the correct side up (toward your ceiling).

Single vinyl record albums: One side of the Large X has arms that protrude more than the other – this side is for most single records, or album covers that do not open to a gatefold (the most common of album sleeves). Ensure the arms that protrude more are on top (toward your ceiling) when placing onto the Small X Mount.

Double vinyl record albums or gatefolds: For album sleeves that house two vinyl records, or album covers which open up with a gate fold, rotate the Large X 180 degrees so the arms that protrude less are on the top side (toward your ceiling).

In some cases, you may have a single / non-gatefold album sleeve that is thicker than others. It may use heavy cardboard or include inserts within the album. Use your best judgement to determine which side of the Large X should face upward for the best fit, or try both rotations before inserting the Pin Lock to secure.

Once you’re ready with the Large X placed onto the Small X Mount, insert the Pin Lock through the keyhole and twist to secure in place.

Grab an album cover and slide if down against the wall behind the arms of the Large X. Then carefully mount the vinyl record on the center Pin Lock. For vinyl records that feels a little tight when placing on the Pin Lock, gently turn the vinyl record clockwise as you push the center label toward the wall (in a motion as if you were continuing to tighten the Pin Lock).

Sit back and enjoy!


Grab your vinyl record at the edges and turn clockwise as you gently pull outward, toward yourself until it "pops" off.

Switch the Large X to change between single album sleeves and thicker double LPs or gatefolds. Unlock the center pin, then rotate 180 degrees and reattach. 

Troubleshooting: Have questions with your install?

Or Send us a note anytime. We're here to help.