Record Lovers Wish List

We're often asked what vinyl related products we recommend for new and long time listeners alike. Below are our top 3 selections in each category – some personal favorites alongside others which have come highly recommended. Consider these affordable options for casual listeners that are looking for gear that is a better than ordinary and won't break the bank. Enjoy!

Turntables / Record Players

A great turntable with built-in pre-amp & USB digital output, that comes in a variety of colors.

REGA Planar 2
A beautifully designed table with built in pre-amp, a Carbon cartridge, and a great reputation.

U-Turn Audio - Orbit Plus
Another beautiful design with built-in pre-amplifier, Ortofon OM 5E cartridge and a solid reputation.

Powered BookShelf Speakers

Micca MB42
Classic speakers with built in amp for quality sound at an affordable price. A top seller on Amazon with stellar reviews.

Audioengine A2+ (USB)
A powerful, high-quality option that also allows for digital audio direct from a USB port found on newer turntables.

Edifier R1700BT (Bluetooth)
This powerful, high-quality speaker offers line-in for your turntable, and bluetooth capabilities for your digital music devices.


Phono preamps are great additions for preserving sound clarity by adding extra power to your system.

Rolls VP29

Small, powerful and just plain classy, ROLLS VP29 is a perfect fit without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Pro-Ject Phono Box MM

Tried and true, Pro-Ject’s own Photo Box MM is a great option for power that won’t break the bank. 


ARTcessories’s DJ Pre II includes a gain switch for extra control and versatility in audio setups.

Cartridge / Stylus

Take your vinyl records to the next level with a quality cartridge / stylus. With sound differences that need to be heard to be preferred, we hope this selection helps your research begin on the right track. Pun intended.

Ortofon Pro S
A great entry level upgrade to most turntables and great for mixing.

Ortofon Red
The next best thing for entry level audiophiles looking for depth.

Ortofon Blue
Even better.
One more step up and worth comparing in person to the Red.

Record Brushes / Dust Cleaners

A must have for all vinyl record listeners to keep your records dust-free before every listen.


A synthetic brush with protective swivel handle that picks up dust and stores well to boot.

GrooveWasher Walnut Kit

One of the most popular record cleaning kits complete with G2 anti-static mist and cleaning pad.

Record Happy Velvet

A great velvet brush to rid dust and reduce static charge, paired with a stylus brush and cleaning mist.

Record platter Mats

Once of the simplest upgrades to your turntable, a great mat can increase stability and sound quality.

TAZ Studio Cork Mats

A soft surface mat that reduces static and goes easy on your stylus when tonearms are adjusted well.

Hudson Hi-Fi Acrylic Mats

A great option for dust reduction and improved sound, available in multiple colors.

Jake’s Premium Leather Mats

Leather is another option to reduce static and help vinyl stick to the platter for a soft and stable sound.


Remember that other analog format? Get some of these on your reading list.

From how records are made, and the history of major labels, to game-changing releases and hidden easter eggs throughout, this is a fun read for all music and vinyl enthusiasts.

Based on a popular Wall Street Journal column, go on a fascinating journey of 45 songs over five decades that influenced the music industry forever, as told by the artists themselves.

“A five-year journey unearthing the very soul of the vinyl community” and a beautifully visual look into the intimate fascination with digging for vinyl, from well-known DJ’s to unknown collectors alike.

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