Designed for vinyl record listeners.
By vinyl record listeners.


When I was a kid, my dad had a Technics turntable in our living room and I was fascinated by those big black circles of sound (even though my brother and I couldn’t put our hands on them). In the 80’s I watched the hip hop and turntablism movements explode. Eventually, I bought my first pair of Technic 1200’s and have been obsessed with vinyl records ever since.

With a background in art and design, I also obsess over visual details. Record Props, at the core, aims to celebrate both visual art and music. The large format of vinyl records has the ability to showcase some truly amazing artwork. And nowadays with the increased production of uniquely colored vinyl records, we have more and more reason to highlight both the musicians we love and the visuals that accompany them. 

Nothing on the market existed so in 2015 I began prototyping. From handmade cardboard models to acrylic layering on the laser printer, to fully functional demos on the 3D printer, the evolution of Record Props was a long and trying process. As a designer by trade, my perfectionist mentality led to a multi-functional product with the level of quality and intricate details I came to expect from the products that have always inspired me. After hundreds of test models and ton of trial and error, the first version of Record Props was born and later launched on Kickstarter in 2016.

Now, through an amazing network of talented designers and engineers, we’ve continued to improve on the original concept, and we've been developing the annual GIVE PROPS exhibition as well. Record Props started as an idea to solve my own challenge, and thanks to everyone who has helped support the development, and to the glorious power of the internets, we can celebrate art and music across the world. I hope you'll join me.

- Tim DeSilva
  Founder | Vinyl lover | Friendly human