About the creator


Tim DeSilva (that's me) has a formal education in art and design, and as a founder of a brand development agency, has led a professional career in consulting, speaking and building on passions in brand development, user-centered design, marketing strategy, and team building.

Since launching Culture Pilot in 2003, Tim has had the opportunity to consult organizations on branding, growth and technology strategies across a wide range of industries. Adept at pulling together teams of passionate people, he helps create, manage and execute strategic plans for companies looking to launch, grow or establish their presence in the market. Tim also consults on cloud-based tools for communication and project management to help small business operations scale more efficiently. He’s a pretty optimistic guy, and typically doesn't speak in third person. 

The Record Props team is currently focused on launching version two of the product. It's going to get even better. Because we never stop. Stay tuned for more to come.