Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers – We've Got To Try

This short film jumps in and goes hard right from the start with a heartfelt story of a dog training obsessively to help… change the world? The Chemical Brothers are back with a new album and both this track and the accompanying video are STRONG.

With a huge team of talent behind it, production studio, Pulse Films brings it all to the table here on We’ve Got To Try. If you’ve ever wondered if dogs can drive cars, this is your answer. How much effort went into creating the film? If only we could be flys on the wall during its creation. It’s a testament to what can be accomplished, and how much one can be engrossed in a story that is just four and half minutes in length. “I know we can make it girl…if we just try...”


Artist: Chemical Brothers
Album: No Geography
Label: Astralwerks

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