Share music and give props to your favorite albums and musicians by displaying them in style. Record Props give vinyl listeners the ability to prop albums upright on a tabletop, or the option to pair a vinyl record with its album cover on the wall like a piece of art. All while maintaining the ability to easily switch out records and continue playing your favorite music.

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Display vinyl records on a table top or EASILY Mount on the wall

Whether you just want to see whats Now Playing, or you want to pay tribute to your collection, Record Props lets you display your Vinyl and share your favorite album designs in multiple ways.

Record Props are designed to make your albums shine as they "float" on the wall

Use the included mounting bracket to make your vinyl records appear as if they are floating on the wall. Record Props takes a back seat and lets your favorite albums enter the spotlight.

Put a record on the player and display the album cover while you listen

Ready to listen to a record on display? Simply take if off, put in on the player, and let the album cover remain up on display to see what's Now Playing.


Prop up an album cover on your tabletop while you listen

Don't have wall space or prefer to display your album on a flat surface? Put a record on the player and prop up the cover to share whats Now Playing.

Combine multiple albums to showcase your collection

Have several albums worth sharing? Combine your favorites using multiple Record Props with any size record to create an infinite number of ways to show off your collection.

Designed for both single and gatefold album covers

Easily switch between displaying single record album covers or thicker, gatefold album covers for even more versatility. Just turn your Record Prop 180 degrees and snap back into the wall mount to switch between two different album cover widths.

Shipping in time for the Christmas

Pre-orders available now!
A limited number of Record Props are shipping for Christmas 2016.