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Tim DeSilva (that's me) has a formal education in art and design, and is co-founder of the branding agency, Culture Pilot. He's led a professional career in consulting, speaking and building on passions in brand development, user-centered design, marketing strategy, and team building. He’s a pretty optimistic guy, and typically doesn't speak in third person.

Since launching Culture Pilot in 2003, my career has given the opportunity to consult and design for organizations across a wide spectrum of industries and meet some very talented collaborators along the way. I'm also passionate about event and conference curation, having helped in the development of TEDxHouston, Visualized NYC, and The Frontier conferences. Throughout the journey and in combination with a long time passion for music exploration, the idea for Record Props was born. Record Props has become a way for all of us to share our individual love of art and music with one another. More recently, I've begun developing the Give Props platform. Stay tuned for more.


Sean Harkins
I studied Industrial Design at the University of Houston. After my studies, I went on to apply my knowledge of Human Centered Design in the industrial manufacturing environment. I worked on an industrial manufacturing team that focused on improving the speed, safety, and cost of manufacturing. After developing multiple successful systems and products, I decided to make a move to management with a new and upcoming company. I found myself running every aspect of a multi-million dollar, family owned and operated fabrication company. We focused on the use of technology to increase our output while decreasing man hours.

With my unique experience in design and manufacturing, I started Night Owl Product Design in 2016; a design company that focuses on helping creative minds bring their concepts to reality. We use the latest technology in design and manufacturing to move rapidly through the design and manufacturing processes. Night Owl Product Design continues to bring products like Record Props to market.

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Record Props originates from Houston, TX with love and support from the fine folks at: