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can I purchaSe record props in different/custom quantity?

We currently sell Record Props in the three most popular quantities: (1),(3) and (5). If you'd like to request a custom order for more than 5 units (to help save on shipping), please contact us and we'll get you setup. Easy peasy.

What about the dust?  Will my records be harmed?

Record Props do not attract any more dust than playing a record on a player without a dust cover. It's always important that records be handled with care no matter how you decide to play or display them. Record Props is intended for the casual listener or those that understand there is no possible way to avoid dust collection. We recommend the usual care for your collection using a proper record cleaning brush or dust cleaner before spinning up your favorite albums. We'll even list a few options here on our recommended products page.

Where can I purchaSe record props locally?

At the moment, Record Props are only available from this website and a select few resellers.

Can I partner with record props or resell the product on my website?

If you're interested in wholesale orders or reselling opportunities, please contact us with your quantity request, ideal timeline, and a description of why you're interested in carrying Record Props.

Are Record Props Available in white?

(because they are obviously shown in white on this website)

At the present time we are only manufacturing Record Props in Black. BUT, all Record Props come with a White and a Black T-pin to have as an option for displaying both light and dark records on the wall depending on your preference. Since the actual Record Prop is hidden from view when mounted on the wall, only the small pin shows in the center of the record once mounted. You can read more in detail about the colors here and the difference between the two, which overwhelmingly led to us moving forward with production of Black only, once the original Kickstarter campaign ended in 2016.

That said, we have been getting more inquiries wondering if white will be available again, so it sounds like we may begin production on white again as we finalize version 2 of the product. If all goes well, we'll have more details by Spring/Summer 2018.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

Tough luck kiddo.

Just kidding. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

Please let us know what's wrong and if we can't resolve the issue, send back your order for a full refund.

Still have questions?

Get in touch and let us know how we can help!